Friday, February 23, 2007

It's official - I'm Nuts

I must be fucking crazy.

I mean, the signs have been there for some time. Rants and rages about things that just shouldn’t matter to me. Writing letters to local papers about the impropriety of Gov. Perry’s unscientific vaccine mandate when the vaccine is for schoolgirls, which I’m not, and my daughter is home-schooled and thus not subject to it. Bitching about the insensitivity of a Republican senator who actually said that people shouldn’t have to justify the use of deadly force in shootings under his proposed new legislation. Riding around town with big, bright incendiary messages about political injustices and social iniquities scrawled in window paint on the back windshield of my 1965 Plymouth. Starting a blog after reading and being inspired by the heretical offerings of now renowned anti-American, anti-Catholic librul Melissa McEwen.

All these should have been signs that I was mentally slipping just a bit, cries for help you might say. But now there’s no denying my emotional instability.

I’m running for office.

Granted, it’s a local office, a seat on my city council, but I still deem that as proof positive of my insanity plea.

I’ll keep everyone informed of the process every step of the way, including any unexpected negativity or resistance I encounter, as well as any pleasant surprises. As former city secretary and a member of the commission who authored the town’s charter, I do have some idea what the process of running and serving on the council entails.

It’ll sure be interesting to see how this lil’ redneck, heavily republican and socially behind the times town reacts to the local “crazy” being on the council. The reactions to proposed ordinances to allow low-speed and neighborhood electric vehicles, in compliance with state statutes, and the push to implement a city-wide recycling program, as well as a crackdown on known racially-biased hiring practices will be, uh, worth watching to say the least.

Believe it or not, I think there’s a good shot that I could actually win one of the four open seats, so stay tuned.

The locals must be right about me. I must be fucking crazy.