Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Help Me

Hi, I'm Maadas Hel.

This spot on the worldwideweird will take all the abuse I can dish out, inspired by the turmoil in my head. Turmoil created by residing in a world which I rarely understand on anything more than a fleeting basis. After having awakened from a fitful sleep of apathetic acceptance that I clearly knew was, in the least, unproductive after a couple o' decades, I mistakenly assumed that the legion of well-intentioned sleepers could be awakened as well...if only.

I constantly shake my head and wonder how my attention, sluggish on the whole to be sure, was not being fully commanded by the social atmosphere of the planet. Worse yet is now having to grapple with a race to catch myself up while not spontaneously combusting from overload.

Having spent many years using written words and opinions to put food on my family* a blog seemed like the least wasteful therapist my current income will provide.

So help me, if you've a mind to, by contributing. All viewpoints are welcomed, the most ridiculous of which, of course, will be pointed out as such. As a matter of full disclosure as well as a caution, I am also well versed in spin. You could say I'm a regular Justice Potter Stewart when it comes to horse manure in a post - I know it when I see it.

That's it. That's about all the operating standards for now. Comment away.

(*I encourage commenters to use all the Wisms possible (n. (wiz-ums.) 1. Dubya-isms) . Like here for example, when The Dear Leader attempted to pal up to N.H. voters, ya' know - the common man, by saying he understood how hard the working poor, uh, you know, like, worked...for food and stuff.)

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