Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dick Perry and his magic vaccine

I wrote this for another blog on Feb. 2, 2007 - MH

For the last 3 months, our vehicles have sported a topical statement indicative of our present level of disgust wih our political, economical, environmental and social situation. Every couple of weeks a new big, bold piece of commentary arises on our back windshields in colored window markers purchased just for the effort.

Today's was a no brainer. Rickhead Perry, our esteemed guv, is at it again. Today, by way of executive order, (read: legislation without the messy need for legislators), he ordered all female students entering the 6th grade in 2008 to submit to a mandatory HPV vaccine. This is an immunization against the most common, and potentially least harmful sexually transmitted disease. This is a VD shot for 11-12 year old girls.

The problem is, the guv,with his vast medical knowledge, has a flag to wave so as to appear to be a saviour of the public's health. The human papillomavirus, by the admission of the Center for Disease Control itself (look it up - I did) may sometimes lead to cervical cancer in some cases. Here is a direct quote, copied and pasted from the CDC's own website.

"Approximately 10 of the 30 identified genital HPV types can lead, in rare cases, to development of cervical cancer. Research has shown that for most women (90 percent), cervical HPV infection becomes undetectable within two years."

Yet those are good enough numbers for the pig that only 39 percent of Texans voted for in November to decide that my daughter must have an HPV vaccination. Mandatory.

It's to stop the spread of cancer, he says.

Bullshit Rick. You're a lying, thieving (ask Texas Parks & Wildlife about $40m in missing revenue if you don't believe me), slick ass car salesman/conservative nutjob. There's enough information out there just for the googling regarding the dodgy nature of vaccinations and the misinformation spread by folks we're supposed to trust about the ways that vaccinations have gone wrong (without lots of nasty press to get in the way of the Big Pharm dollar), that there's no way I'm gonna trust you or your back pocket lobbyists with my daughter's health.

Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else that the top Texas lobbyist for Merck (one of the "bigs" in Big Pharm and the company that manufactures the soon-to-be-mandated HPV vaccine) just happens to be Perry's former chief of staff?

There's enough wrong with this deal that a populace that was paying attention to the fascist government that's approaching (just as sure as gestapos wore jackboots) could spot it and cry foul if they were of a mind to.

There's also enough wrong with the vaccination industry that I have my doubts about mandated immunizations as a general rule.

I have a message for my guv:

Tell you what pal, You can stick a needle in my daughter if I can stick one in you.

Matter of fact, that's what I'm sporting on the back window right now.

(Full Disclosure: You can fill out some official paperwork stating a religious or (recently added) philosophical objection and opt out, if you're inclined to share that sort of info with your governement. Also, I homeschool, so it doesn't personally impact my kid. MH)


Maadas Hel said...

Alright you sorry son of bitch. Yeah, Dick, I mean you and your mangy flea-bag lapdog BobbyBoy Black! Your unethical way of helping out your friends at the expense of the people of this state is gonna have to stop.

Opponents of the order have argued that legislators should have heard from doctors, scientists and patients before the state implemented the requirement, and some Republican lawmakers have already filed bills to override the order.

Lawmakers are welcome to try to bar the requirement, said Perry spokesman Robert Black. Some lawmakers have said that any legislation they pass on the issue would trump the governor's order - an argument Black agreed with.

"If the Legislature feels strongly one way or another about preventing cancer in young women ... they should act on it," Black said.

Perry, you dickhead, having your sphincter-faced pressboy intimate that our elected officials don't care about young women with cancer simply because they want to take a peek at the science and ethics behind your obvious trade of power favors with assholes like Merck, who have you in their pocket, is a new level of fucking greasy even for a pathetic excuse for a public servant like you.

I am demanding an apology from Black and a statement by you explaining why a new vaccine is being foisted on 11 and 12-year old girls without due legislative diligence by an executive order (which I'm sure was a hit with your former chief of staff and current chief of staff's mother-in-law). I demand it!

There aren't too many issues that I'll agree with conservative wingnuts on, but whatever it takes to get this brazen piece of abuse of power thrown back in your grill, I'm down.

Rick Perry, you disgust me. And so does your racist pal, the long insignificant Ted Nugent who showed the true colors (that would be the stars and bars) of your regime at your big "look-at-me" shindig recently.

The gloves are off, pal.

Anonymous said...

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