Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm idiots

Last night as I was packing up my gear from another fun Wednesday Night Acoustic Open Mic Night (which I host every Wed. at our local sports bar), a diamond studded, trying-too-hard older lady came up to me and asked me about a song I had just played, which was one of my own compositions entitled "God Bless Americans" (liberal satire to be sure). She wanted to know what my political leanings were so I told her. She, not surprisingly, informed me that she and her hubby who are moving here (great) and building a new custom home up on the most exclusive hillside development in the county, are staunch conservative Republicans.

No shit, she-lock, I'd a' never guessed. She assaulted me with the old "People oughta have to work for what they get," line as she waved her diamonds in my face and told me how her daddy was a writer and a prof back in the day at UT. I'm sure she's really had it rough.

This morning as I was on the treadmill (because I've become one of those lunatics that works out every weekday) I saw the Faux News scrawl. I was informed that the brilliant bubba legislature of South Carolina is sailing through a bill to force women getting an abortion to view ultrasound images of their fetuses prior to giving the thumbs up. That's true compassion if I've ever seen it.

Next was a brief telling me that a woman and her husband were given the go ahead to sue a fertility clinic because they say the clinic gave her another man's sperm, rather than hubby. They said they knew because their daughter's skin was too dark to be theirs. Allegedly they have DNA to back this claim up.

Idiots and crazies are everywhere. I need intelligent stimuli. Quick.


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